Spine Of The Beast - Sterling Silver Snake Bone Adjustable Bracelet


In the heart of the ancient forest, I stumbled upon a colossal sight – the skeleton of Jormungandr, the legendary World Serpent. Its bones stretched out like forgotten monuments, invoking a primal awe within me. As I stood in silent reverence, I couldn't help but feel a connection to the ancient myths that had woven its name into the tapestry of time.

"Spine Of The Beast" – a chilling testament to the formidable presence of Jormungandr, the serpent of Norse mythology. Crafted with an electroplating treatment, this bracelet embodies the bone-like structure of the World Serpent's spine, coiling ominously around the wearer's wrist in a sinister embrace.

As the silver bones of the bracelet gleam with an eerie light, they evoke the cold, unyielding power of Jormungandr, a creature feared by gods and mortals alike. Wearing the "Spine Of The Beast" Bracelet, one can almost feel the ancient, primordial energy coursing through its veins. It is as though the spirit of Jormungandr itself has been captured within its electroplated surface, ready to unleash chaos and destruction upon the world.

Dare to adorn yourself with the "Spine Of The Beast" and embrace the darkness of Norse mythology. But beware, for with its chilling design and menacing allure, this bracelet is not for the faint of heart. Enter into a realm where the line between myth and reality blurs, and the spine of the beast winds its treacherous path around your wrist, whispering of ancient terrors and untold power.

Sizing Guide - Which bracelet length should you buy?

1. Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your wrist and mark the end point.

2. Lay it out and simply use a ruler to determine the length.

3. We recommend that you get a bracelet that is longer than your wrist measurement to give yourself some breathing room.

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