The Bifrost - Laser Projection Ambient Light


According to the myths, the Bifröst was created by the gods to serve as a means of travel between the various realms of existence. Its exact origins are not explicitly described in the surviving Norse mythological texts, such as the Poetic Edda or the Prose Edda, which are the primary sources for Norse mythology. However, it is generally understood to have been built by the gods themselves, particularly by Heimdall, the watchman of the gods, who guards the bridge.

Introducing The Bifrost, a celestial masterpiece that transports you to realms of myth and legend. Inspired by the awe-inspiring Bifröst of Norse mythology, this ambient light illuminates your surroundings with the enchanting colors and imagery reminiscent of the legendary rainbow bridge. 

Crafted with precision and care, The Bifrost is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home décor, with dimensions of 12.8 x 12.8 x 9.6 cm. Powered by USB (5V/2A), it offers both convenience and versatility, whether you're powering it from your computer, mobile power bank, or cell phone adapter. 

Complete with a comprehensive package including the projection lamp itself, a remote control for effortless customization, a USB data cable for power supply, and an instruction manual for easy setup, The Bifrost is ready to enchant your space from the moment you unbox it.

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