Heidrun's Horn - Coffee Travel Flask 230ML


In Norse mythology, there are quite a few different animals who live among the branches of the great world tree Yggdrasil and two of these animals live in the top of the tree: the stag Eikthyrnir and the goat Heidrun

From the udders of the she-goat flows endless streams of the cleanest mead into a big cauldron inside the hall of Valhalla. Every evening the fallen warriors, (those who have died bravely in battle), will drink this mead while eating the tasty pork from the great pig Sæhrímnir.

In Viking society, these animals were also the main source of milk, food, and even fur for the Vikings. Accordingly, it's stands to reason that they would have important roles amongst the gods as well!

Heidrun's Horn is a perfect item/gift for the on the go Viking! Much in the same way Heidrun provides the warriors of Valhalla with mead; she can now supply you with your coffee fix everyday! Eco-friendly and easily portable with its attachable strap and temperature sleeve, Heidrun's Horn is a must for any modern Viking!


 (Horn sleeve also serves as a stand, 230ml capacity)


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