Mark of Athelstan

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Known by most as one of the most beloved characters in the hit TV series Vikings, the character Athelstan is said to be a representation of a selection of monks during the time period.

In historical records, it was documented that three monks were taken back to Scandinavia from the first Viking raid on Lindisfarne. Two of the monks died while the other survived and became part of the Viking culture. This representation can be seen in the character arc of Athelstan from the TV show as it becomes increasing apparent through the series that he is struggling with his religious identity after being captured. The teachings he passed to Ragnar were considered invaluable and were even a contributing factor to his change in religious view. After the death of Athelstan, Ragnar was left heartbroken and began carrying around Athelstan’s cross to honor his memory.

From a more historically accurate standpoint, the name Athelstan was taken from King Athelstan whom was the very first King of England and was well known for successfully battling the Vikings, famously retaking York which had been conquered by Ivar the Boneless. This bought all of England under English control.

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