Master Of Seidr

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Seidr is a form of Norse magic and shamanism concerned with deciding the course of fate and working within its structure to bring about change, done by weaving new events into existence. To do this, the practitioner entered an ecstatic trance in order to be able to interact with the spirit world with the intended task usually involving a prophecy, a blessing, or a curse.

Two of the Aesir and Vanir deities are noted masters of seidr: the goddess Freya and the god Odin. Seidr was widely known as an extremely powerful form of magic and Freya was always the foremost practitioner of the art. It is said that once she reached Asgard, the gods became so impressed by her power that they became fearful of it as traits they held close such as honor, loyalty and obedience to the law were being pushed aside in favor of their own selfish desires they sought to fulfil with her magic.

This pendant represents the power Seidr has over our cosmos and our futures. It is a reminder that no matter what your situation or fate may be, a new one can always be woven into existence…

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