Nanna The Radiant

White Gold Purity:

In Norse mythology, Nanna is the wife of the god Baldur, the god of light and goodness. She is known for her beauty and grace, and is often associated with the moon and its light.

According to the myths, Nanna and Baldur were deeply in love and had a son named Forseti, who was the god of justice and reconciliation. When Baldur was killed by the mistletoe arrow, as arranged by Loki, Nanna was overcome with grief and died of a broken heart, unable to live without her beloved husband.

Nanna's death was seen as a great tragedy, and she was given a proper funeral by the gods. Her body was placed on a ship and set ablaze, and the ship was pushed out to sea.


Main Stone: Lab Grown Diamond
Diamond Clarity: VS1
Diamond Shape: Star
Main Diamond Carat Size: 3mm (0.10ct)

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