Remnants of Sif


Although mentioned very briefly throughout Norse mythology the goddess Sif is best known for two things; being the wife of Thor and having long, beautiful golden hair. Looking to cause some mischief Loki came up with the idea to shave Sif’s head, doing so while she slept alongside Thor.

Upon waking Thor was enraged at what had happened and, knowing it was Loki, threatened to kill him but was convinced by Loki to spare his life on the condition that Loki would find an even fairer head of hair for Sif.

Loki’s actions here consequently lead to the creation of a number of famous items in Norse mythology including Odin’s spear “Gungnir”, his magical ring “Draupnir” and Thor's hammer “Mjölnir




Size guide - How to determine your ring size:


Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your finger and mark the end point.

Simply use a ruler to determine the circumference.

Use the chart below to determine your size. 

US Size Circumference (inches)
Circumference (mm)
7 2.15" 54.5
8 2.25" 57.2
9 2.35" 59.7
10 2.45" 62.3
11 2.56" 65.0
12 2.66" 67.5
13 2.76" 70.2

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