The Hamingja's Blessing

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In the Norse worldview, "the self" is a more complicated entity as opposed to how we view "the self" today . While the Norse certainly had a concept of the self – there is no “oneness” in their perspective – that self is comprised of numerous different parts, the Hamr, the Hugr, the Flygja and the Hamingja

The Hamingja is often used in an abstract sense to signify “luck". Luck, the hamingja, is a personal entity in its own right and is portrayed as a female guardian spirit. It was believed that she accompanied a person and decided his luck and happiness. When a person dies, his or her hamingja is often reincarnated in one of his or her descendants, particularly if the child is given the name of the original owner of the hamingja. The hamingja can also be lent to others during life to assist them in particularly perilous missions where luck is needed especially badly.

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