The Scorn of Brynhildr


The Scorn of Brynhildr is a reminder that nothing is perhaps more influential or inflammatory as love. Adorning yourself with this necklace is an indication of strength and that matters of the heart are not to be toyed with or manipulated.

There are many tales of Brynhildr, perhaps none as more renown and tragic as that of her rescue by the hero Sigurðr, read it below!

Punished by Odin for her defiance by siding against him in the battle between King Hjalmgunnar and King Agnar, the Valkyrie Brynhildr was condemned to live her life as a mortal, imprisoned in a castle on top of Mt Hindarfjall, sleeping surrounded by a ring of fire until a man rescues and marries her.

Scaling the mountain and awakening Brynhildr by removing her armour, the hero Sigurðr, slayer of Fafnir, instantly fell in love with the Valkyrie proposing to her with the cursed ring, Andvaranaut. Their love however was not meant to be as Sigurðr was met by the sorceress, Grimhild, whom wanted Sigurðr to marry her daughter, Gudrun. To ensure this happened a magic potion was prepared that made Sigurðr forget Brynhildr.

Grimhild then proceeded to send the spellbound Sigurðr back up the mountain to retrieve Brynhildr, but this time disguised as Grimhild’s own son, Gunnar, managing to trick Brynhildr into marriage. Brynhildr soon learns the truth of the marriage and about Grimhild’s deception. Enraged from learning the truth, and at the "trickery" of her former love, Brynhildr orders the killing of Sigurðr.

Not satisfied with the death of Sigurðr, Brynhildr proceeds to murder the 3 year old son of Sigurðr, before wishing death upon herself. As the funeral pyre of Sigurðr was aflame, Brynhildr threw herself upon it – thus they passed on together to the realm of Hel.

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