Tyr's Sacrifice


As Fenrir bites down on Tyr's hand, the sound of crushing bone echoes across the plains. The pain is so excruciating that Tyr screams, the sound chilling me to the bone. I watch in horror as the wolf wrenches his head to the side, tearing the hand clean off at the wrist. Blood pours out of Tyr's wound like a river. I see the other gods recoiling in shock and horror, many of them unable to watch. But through the pain, Tyr remains resolute. He holds his mangled wrist aloft, a symbol of sacrifice for the greater good. The determination in his eyes sends a message to us all: no matter the cost, we will fight for what we believe in.

Under the guise of “a test of strength” Fenrir consented to being bound by the gods and was able to break each chain they used until the Aesir used Gleipnir, a chain fashioned by the dwarves of Svartalfheim. Fenrir had now begun to suspect trickery upon being presented with Gleipnir and refused to be bound unless one of the gods placed their hand into his mouth as an act of good faith. Sure enough, upon realizing he could not escape the binds of Gleipnir, Fenrir bit down on the hand of Tyr, severing it from his body.

Just as the god Tyr bravely faced the fearsome Fenrir, losing his hand in the process to save the world from destruction, so too can you embody the traits of courage, selflessness, and strength by wearing this piece.


Metal - Stainless Steel


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