Balmung (Gram) - Titanium Steel Necklace

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Gram, also known as Balmung, is a legendary sword from Norse and Germanic mythology, and it's most famously associated with the hero Sigurd (known as Siegfried in Germanic legends). Gram is renowned for its incredible sharpness and its role in the epic V￶lsunga saga.

Here are some key details about Gram:

Forging of Gram: Gram was forged by the skilled blacksmith Regin, who was Sigurd's foster father. According to the legend, Regin made the sword from the shards of a broken sword that belonged to Sigurd's father, Sigmund. The sword was originally called "Gram" because of its power and sharpness.

Dragon Slayer: Gram's most famous feat is its use in slaying the dragon Fafnir. In the V￶lsunga saga, Sigurd is tasked with killing the dragon to claim its hoard of treasure, including a cursed ring. With Gram in hand, Sigurd successfully defeats Fafnir by striking a critical blow to the dragon's heart.

Sigurd's Adventures: Gram plays a central role in many of Sigurd's adventures. After slaying Fafnir, Sigurd continues his heroic journey, and the sword aids him in various battles and challenges, including his confrontation with the evil sorceress Grimhild and her treacherous family.

Curse and Betrayal: Gram, like many legendary swords, has a complex history. It's associated with both great heroism and tragedy. After obtaining the dragon's treasure, Sigurd faces betrayal and ultimately meets a tragic end. His own sword, Gram, is later used in his murder.

Legacy: The legend of Gram and Sigurd has left a lasting impact on European literature and mythology. It has inspired various adaptations and retellings over the centuries, including Richard Wagner's famous opera "Die Walkre" as part of his larger work, "Der Ring des Nibelungen."

Gram, also known as Balmung in some versions of the legend, is a symbol of heroism, bravery, and the often complex and fateful nature of heroic sagas in Norse and Germanic mythology. Its role in the slaying of Fafnir is one of the most iconic moments in these mythological traditions.

Material: titanium steel

Size: 60 (CM) 

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