Fafnir's Demise - Sterling Silver and Inlaid Copper Arrow Necklace

$149.00 $289.00

I stumbled upon Fafnir's corpse in the ravine, the legendary dragon slain by Sigurd. Among scattered gems and coins, a gold necklace glinted. Compelled, I put it on.
Instantly, arcane knowledge and visions erupted in my mind. I saw through the eyes of past wearers. This was no mere necklace, but a relic containing Fafnir's power and wisdom.
Though the dragon was dead, his magic lived on in this treasure. Bearing it came with grave responsibility. I now grasped the necklace, chosen as guardian of Fafnir's twisted legacy.

Channel the power of Sigurd slaying Fafnir when you wear this bold dragon slayer pendant in sterling silver. The 2cm by 4cm pendant depicts a sword spearing a dragon—symbolic of Sigurd’s cunning defeat of the legendary Fafnir.

Let this weighty, detailed pendant connect you to that epic tale of courage and wisdom. The sterling silver dragon wraps fluidly around the blade, rendered with intricate scales. Wear this pendant against your chest to tap into heroic energy to face modern challenges. Fafnir’s Demise awakens your inner warrior and lends a commanding aura to any outfit.

For those who dare to be heroes in their own journeys, this striking pendant honors legendary courage and cunning. Conquer your own dragons with Fafnir’s Demise.

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