Hel's Beauty - Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring

$99.00 $199.00

Descending into the underworld, I stumbled upon a cavern aglow with eerie light. A glittering amethyst ring lay amidst the jagged stones. As I slipped it on, a bone-chilling presence manifested behind me - Hel, dreadful queen, half-skeletal and half unfathomable beauty. Her emerald eyes pierced my soul as she nodded at the ring upon my hand. By taking it, I had bound myself to her twilight realm forevermore. “You now dwell in my kingdom,” Hel rasped. Heart frozen with despair, I fell to my knees before her terrible beauty.

Legend tells that striking Hel was cast into the underworld in youth, her flesh rotting on one side as she became the grim warden of dishonored souls. Her very name means “one who hides.”

This ring pays tribute to Hel's cryptic allure with a mesmerizing violet gem tensely mounted, like a heart torn still-beating from some wretched corpse. The emerald shards signify souls forever trapped in Helheim’s lightless abyss.

Both hypnotic and ominous, this darkly beautiful piece draws you into the void below. Don Hel's Beauty in sinister reverence to the queen of the dead and her bleak underworld dominion. For in the end, death comes for all—and with it, the icy grasp of Hel.

Size guide - How to determine your ring size:

Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your finger and mark the end point.

Simply use a ruler to determine the circumference.

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