Hjörvard's Blade - Sword Pendant Necklace

Necklace Length:

The saga of Hrolf Kraki, a legendary Danish king, includes a notable sword known as Hjörvard's Sword. The saga is part of the larger body of Old Norse literature and mythology that includes heroic poetry and sagas.

In the saga, Hjörvard, a character often described as a berserker, possesses a remarkable sword with extraordinary abilities. The most distinctive feature of this sword is its capacity to fight independently. When thrown into battle, Hjörvard's Sword is said to exhibit a will of its own, striking at enemies without the need for a human hand to guide it. This magical quality sets it apart from ordinary weapons and contributes to the legendary status of Hjörvard and his sword.

Hjörvard's Sword, like many elements in Norse sagas, adds a mythical dimension to the heroic tales. Swords in Norse mythology are often imbued with magical properties, reflecting the belief in the supernatural and the symbolic importance of weapons in the culture. The saga of Hrolf Kraki and Hjörvard's Sword is a fascinating example of how these stories blend historical elements with fantastical elements, creating a rich tapestry of Norse myth and legend.


Metals Type: Stainless Steel


Pendant Size: 14x66mm

Clasp Hole: 5.5mm




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