Laevateinn- Stainless Steel Pendant

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Laevateinn is a lesser-known mythical item mentioned in Old Norse poetry and texts, and it appears to be a mysterious and enigmatic weapon. The most notable reference to Laevateinn can be found in the poem "Fjölsvinnsmál" (The Sayings of Fjölsvinn), which is part of the Poetic Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems.

In "Fjölsvinnsmál," Laevateinn is briefly mentioned in a stanza:

"Mjölnir hight his hammer, | and Lopt his staff, And the third is a staff-name too; But of spells full many | the name he knows Who with them all is wise."

The stanza lists various magical items, with Laevateinn being referred to as the "third staff-name" or "wand-name." However, the context and further details about Laevateinn are not provided in the poem, leaving much to speculation and interpretation.

Due to its limited mentions in the existing sources, scholars and enthusiasts of Norse mythology have debated its exact nature and significance. Some interpretations suggest that Laevateinn could be a magical staff or wand, similar to the staffs or wands used by other mythical figures like Odin and Loki. Others propose that it might be a weapon, such as a sword or dagger, given the "-teinn" suffix, which often denotes objects made of wood or related materials.

The lack of explicit information about Laevateinn has led to a sense of mystery surrounding the item. It has captured the imagination of those interested in Norse mythology, who often enjoy exploring the possible meanings and roles of such elusive and intriguing elements within the ancient tales.


Pendant Size: 15x36mm

Clasp hole: 8mm

Metals Type: 316L Stainless Steel


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