Relic Of The Draugr - Sterling Silver Triple Skull Pendant

$119.00 $229.00

I froze, unable to move as it began to approach me. Its eyes, hollow and lifeless, bore into mine as it let out a blood-curdling scream. I could feel the chill of its touch as it reached out for me, the stench of death overwhelming.

Draugr, in Norse mythology, are undead creatures that are often associated with burial mounds. They are believed to be the animated corpses of warriors and other individuals who have died a violent death, and who were not given proper burial rites. Draugr are often described as being larger and more powerful than ordinary humans, and are said to have a ghastly appearance, with decaying flesh and glowing eyes. They are known to be fierce protectors of their tombs and treasures, and are said to possess immense wealth and magical items.

Harness the raw strength and unyielding will of these legendary beings, and channel it into your daily life. With every step, feel your confidence soar as you embody the spirit of the Draugr.



Metal - Sterling Silver

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