Shards Of The Bifrost - Fashion Watch


Introducing "Shards Of The Bifrost" where timekeeping meets the mythical splendor of the Norse cosmos. Step into a realm where adventure awaits and the rainbow bridge beckons!

With a wearing length of 240MM and a dial diameter of 40MM, this timepiece embodies the essence of cosmic grandeur. The stainless steel case, sturdy and resolute, echoes the strength of the Bifrost itself, while the band width of 20MM ensures a comfortable fit for every wrist.

Gaze into the depths of time through the synthetic sapphire glass mirror surface, where reflections of the legendary Bifrost dance in kaleidoscopic brilliance. Marvel at the vibrant hues and iridescent shimmer, reminiscent of the ever-changing colors of the rainbow bridge.

Fashioned in a style that blends modernity with mythical flair, "Shards Of The Bifrost" watch transcends mere timekeeping to become a statement of adventure and whimsy. Embrace the spirit of exploration as you strap on this timepiece, ready to embark on journeys across realms both real and fantastical. So, seize the moment and embark on your own epic odyssey through time and space!

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