The Death Of The King - Stainless Steel King Skull Bracelet

$59.00 $109.00

King Aella is known for his hostility towards Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Norse warrior. Upon attempting a raid of England Lothbrok's army was defeated and he was taken captive by Aella. Being such a significant figure and causing devastation throughout the land King Aella believed a simple execution was not good enough for Lothbrok. After being held captive and beaten severely Lothbrok was led to a pit that had been dug and filled with snakes of all sizes. 

As he was thrown into the pit and mercilessly bitten and slowly constricted by the snakes he uttered his last words "How the little piggies will grunt, when they hear how the old boar suffered", a haunting warning to the king of Ragnar's sons who will be on their way to avenge their father's death

Aella is finally captured by Ragnar's sons who subject him to the "blood eagle" ritual, a gruesome execution method in which the victim's ribs are cut open from the spine and pulled out to resemble wings.


Length: 16cm - 20cm

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