Valkyrie's Highwind - Stainless Steel Valkyrie Necklace

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As she lifted me up into her arms, I felt a surge of energy flow through me. It was like I was being reborn, filled with a new sense of purpose and strength. I looked back down at the battlefield, feeling a sense of sadness for the life I was leaving behind, but also a sense of peace knowing that my journey was not over.

In Norse mythology, the Valkyries were powerful female figures who served the god Odin. They were believed to be supernatural beings who flew over battlefields, selecting which warriors would die and then bringing the chosen ones to the afterlife realm of Valhalla.

The Valkyries were revered for their immense power and importance in deciding the fate of warriors in battle. They were often depicted as fierce and strong, wielding weapons and armor as they rode their horses across the sky.

It was said that the Valkyries not only selected the warriors to take to Valhalla, but also had the power to protect them in battle and grant them victory. They were seen as divine protectors of those who fought bravely, and their blessing was highly sought after.

Carry the strength and blessings of the Valkyries with you wherever you go, with Valkyrie's Highwind. 

Metal: Stainless Steel

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