Valkyrie's Wing - High Quality Leather Bracelet

$29.00 $49.00

Valkyrie - "Chooser of the Slain" were shield maidens who sevced Odin. Valkyries descended from the heavens and into the battlefield in order to choose the slain warriors who were worthy of a place in Valhalla with Odin the All Father. Valkyries perfectly symbolize the Nordic views on war, death, and destiny – they are inevitable, they are dark and horrific, and they are also glorious. The Valkyries also symbolize the force and power of women. These beings had prestige and power, especially over mortals.

Material: High Quality Leather
Clasp Type: Lace-up
Width: 36.5mm
Length: 16-26cm/6.30"-10.23"
Feature: 4 pieces in one Set


Sizing Guide - How to know if it will fit?

1. Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your wrist and mark the end point.

2. Lay it out and simply use a ruler to determine the length.

3. If your wrist measurement is under this range: 16-26cm/6.30"-10.23" then this bracelet will fit you!

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