Arrow Of Fate - Sterling Silver Arrow Pendant

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I can still hear the sound of the arrow piercing through the air, and the gasps of shock and horror from those around me. Baldur fell to the ground, lifeless. The air was thick with grief and despair, and I saw tears streaming down the faces of those closest to him. The silence was deafening, broken only by the sobs of those mourning the loss of a beloved god.

It was foretold that Baldur's death was the event which would start the "countdown" to Ragnarok so understandably there was panic amongst the gods, so much so that Frigg raced around the entire cosmos obtaining oaths from every living and nonliving entity not to bring any harm to Baldur. 

After these oaths were secured, the gods made a game out of the situation. They threw sticks, rocks, and anything else on hand at Baldur, and everyone laughed as these things bounced off and left the shining god unharmed. Loki, looking to stir up trouble, noticed this and in disguise approached Frigg and asked if all things swore an oath to not harm Baldur. “Oh, yes,” the goddess replied, “everything except the mistletoe. But the mistletoe is so small and innocent a thing that I felt it superfluous to ask it for an oath. What harm could it do to my son?”

Upon hearing this, Loki left, located the mistletoe, carved a spear out of it, and brought it to where the gods were playing their new favorite game. He approached the blind god Hodr and said, “You must feel quite left out, having to sit back here, not being given a chance to show Baldur the honor of proving his invincibility.” Hodr agreed. “Here,” said Loki, as he handed him the shaft of mistletoe. “I will point your hand in the direction where Baldur stands, and you throw this branch at him.” So Hodr threw the mistletoe and it pierced the god straight through, as he fell down dead on the spot.



Metal - Sterling Silver

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