Blessing Of Freyr

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Freyr is a god who belongs to the Vanir tribe of deities. He’s also an honorary member of  the Aesir, having arrived in their fortress, Asgard, as a hostage at the closing of the Aesir-Vanir War

Freyr was one of the most widely and passionately venerated divinities amongst the Norse peoples, their well-being and prosperity depended on his benevolence, which particularly manifested itself in wealth, and peace.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that Freyr was a frequent recipient of sacrifices at various occasions, such as the blessing of a wedding!


What is Moissanite?

Quickly increasing in popularity, Moissanite is fast becoming the preferred choice in gem around the world. Its appearance is often mistook for diamond which it surpasses in both fire and brilliance with it's superior hardness making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking. Rarely found in nature, Moissanite is lab created making it the far more environmentally friendly choice. No matter what shape catches your eye, there’s nothing like seeing this stunning gem in person.


Moissanite Clarity Grade - VVS1

Moissanite Colour Grade - D

Metal - 925 Stirling Silver 

Stone Size (Diamond Equivalent Weight) - 1.5mm (0.015 Carat)

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