Blessings of the Runes - Sterling Silver Rune Ring

$99.00 $189.00

Harness the power of ancient symbols with the Blessings of the Runes ring. This unique piece features a sterling silver band topped with inlaid Copper and engraved with six meaningful Nordic runes.

At about 0.4cm thick and 1.1cm high, this substantial ring makes a bold statement. The six runes carved into the lustrous gold top imbue the wearer with the energy and attributes tied to each sigil:

  • Courage
  • Energy
  • Love
  • Guardian
  • Health
  • Luck

Keep these commanding runic blessings close by wearing this ring daily. Let its presence strengthen your resolve, energize your drive, deepen your relationships, provide protection, invigorate your well-being, and brighten your fortune.

From its stunning mixed metals to the potent magic of runic script, the Blessings of the Runes ring is infused with mythic power. Harness the gifts of the ages with this ancient Norse-inspired treasure.

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