Bound In Chains - Handcrafted Wooden Watch

$299.00 $499.00

I crept slowly towards the hulking beast, my heart pounding in my ears. Fenrir was splayed on his side, thick chains binding his legs and snout closed. His hot breath steamed in the cold air and his fur bristled as he sensed my presence. Eyes like glowing embers flickered to me, hatred and madness swirling in their depths.

Glimpse at powers beyond mortal ken with the Bound in Chains watch. This timepiece evokes the myth of Fenrir - the ravenous wolf monster who struck terror even amongst the gods before being chained and left to writhe in agony until the apocalyptic Ragnarök.

Within the pristine wooden band a frenzied heartbeat pulses. Mortals who would shackle such ancient fury to their flesh invite calamity and ruin. Still, for those thirsty to rule with a tyrant's iron will and wield the dominion of wolves, Glory awaits.

Wear the Bound in Chains watch and court a dark power. Let it awaken the beast slumbering within. The days to come shall yield to your imposing command... or see you torn asunder by forces no man can truly tame. Empowered or destroyed - which fate will you risk for timeless supremacy?

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