Celtic Moon - Stainless Steel Celtic Moon Necklace

$49.00 $89.00

Celtic knots are intricate and mesmerizing patterns that have a rich history deeply rooted in Celtic culture and art. These decorative motifs are characterized by their continuous and unbroken lines, expertly woven together to form mesmerizing designs that seem to have no clear beginning or end. Celtic knots are believed to symbolize the eternal nature of life, love, and interconnectedness, representing the eternal cycle of existence. 

During their raids and travels, Vikings came into contact with Celtic communities and were exposed to their art, including the intricate Celtic knot designs. It is believed that the Vikings may have been influenced by Celtic art and incorporated some of these motifs into their own artwork.

As a result of this cultural exchange, some artifacts and artworks created by the Vikings show elements of Celtic knot designs. These designs were likely adapted and combined with traditional Norse artistic styles, resulting in unique hybrid motifs that blend Celtic knotwork with Norse artistic traditions.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Pendant Size: 35x35x5mm

Adjustable necklace from 40-70cm (15.7" - 27.6")

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