Chain of Power - Sterling Silver Mjolnir and Fenrir Necklace


Fenrir, the monstrous wolf embodies strength, ferocity, destiny, and inevitability. Fearing Fenrir’s strength and knowing that only evil could be expected of him, the gods bound him with a magical chain to hold the beast in place for all time.

Thor, the thunder god, is the archetype of a loyal and honorable warrior, the ideal toward which the average human warrior aspired. He’s the defender of the Aesir gods and their fortress, Asgard, from the encroachments of the giants, who are usually the enemies of the gods.

Representing two of the mightiest members in the world of Norse mythologyFenrir and Thor, this beautifully crafted Stirling Silver necklace is a perfect depiction of immense power and fighting spirit


Length: 60cm (23.5 inch)

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

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