Claw of Greed - Sterling Silver Dragon Claw Necklace

$149.00 $289.00

I found Fafnir's corpse in the ravine, treasure strewn about. A silver necklace in the shape of a dragon claw caught my eye. Lifting it, greed surged through me. Donning the claw, Fafnir's lust for gold overwhelmed me. The pendant seemed to tighten around my neck. I tore it off. The Claw of Greed was cursed, transforming any who wore it. Fafnir's magic should never be claimed. I left the necklace glinting malevolently amid the bones.

Evoke the mythic avarice of Fafnir the dragon when you wear the Claw of Greed pendant necklace. The bold dragon claw design forged in polished sterling silver makes a striking statement.

Recall the fate of the dwarf Fafnir, whose all-consuming greed transformed him into a wicked dragon - a cautionary tale of the corrupting power of unchecked desires. Watch it catch the light as you channel your inner dragon, staking your claim and commanding respect.

This must-have statement necklace lends dark power to any outfit. Unleash your inner monster in style. Remember that greed comes at a cost, lest you end up like the villainous Fafnir. For men and women alike, the Claw of Greed necklace evokes primal strength and domination. Wear this mythic accessory as a bold display of confidence - but beware the beast within.

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