Duality Of Hel - Sterling Silver Hel Inspired Bracelet


"Duality Of Hel" a bangle forged from silver that embodies the haunting beauty and stark contrasts of Hel, the Norse goddess who rules over the realm of the dead. With inner circumferences of 16-17cm and 18-19cm, this unique piece reflects the enigmatic duality of Hel's visage—half stunningly beautiful, half terrifyingly decayed. One half of the bangle is polished to a pure, radiant finish, symbolizing the human side of Hel's face—captivating and serene. The other half, in stark contrast, is crafted to look rough and burnt, evoking the dead, decayed aspect of her appearance as the goddess of death. 

Wearing this bangle means embracing the balance of beauty and darkness, life and death. It is a powerful statement piece that captures the essence of Hel’s dominion and the profound mysteries of the afterlife. The "Duality Of Hel" bangle is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a testament to the wearer’s acceptance of life's full spectrum, from the sublime to the macabre.

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