Fenrir's Claw - Damascus Steel Blade

$199.00 $399.00

"Fenrir's Claw" a legendary blade inspired by the fearsome Norse beast, Fenrir. This knife is a symbol of raw power and the mythic battles of Ragnarok. Crafted with meticulous precision, "Fenrir's Claw" embodies the strength and ferocity of the mighty wolf, Fenrir, who lost his claw in the cataclysmic clash of gods.

The blade, measuring 9.8cm, is forged from VG10 Damascus steel, treated with vacuum heat treatment, the blade boasts an impressive hardness of 60HRC, ensuring it remains resilient through the toughest of tasks. The knife's handle, extending 14cm, is a masterful blend of materials, combining stainless steel with rich ebony wood. Adorning the handle is a stainless steel wolf head, paying homage to the legendary beast. The overall length of the knife reaches a formidable 24cm, making "Fenrir's Claw" a weapon of choice for those who seek both functionality and a touch of the divine.

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