Freya's Gift - Ocean Pearl Necklace

$599.00 $1,599.00

I wandered into the ancient forest, drawn by a voice on the wind whispering my name. In a shadowy clearing stood a radiant woman with hair like spun gold - the Lady Freya. Her beauty was blinding yet soft, her eyes piercing my soul. We stood in silence as she gazed at me with eyes that held pain, passion and wisdom. When she turned to leave, my soul cried out. But she placed a lustrous necklace in my hands - pearls glowing against my skin. A treasure beyond worth. She faded into the mists. Her secret smile would haunt me as I clutched the necklace, changed irrevocably by the encounter.

For the discerning woman who appreciates refined taste and timeless sophistication, Freya's Gift invokes the mysteries of the divine feminine.  Each pearl in this stunning strand is a flawless 3.5-4mm Japanese Akoya pearl, celebrated through the centuries for their alluring high luster and smooth, round shape. Their pristine silvery-white sheen evokes Freya's moonlit charms and feminine grace.

Slip on this necklace and be transported to Freya's sensual world of beauty and pleasure. An ensemble featuring Freya's Gift will entice and bewitch all who look upon you. Inspired by Freya's luminous magic and her gifts of love and fertility, this timeless piece will make you feel like a goddess.

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