Frostbitten Armlet - Stainless Steel Bracelet

$49.00 $89.00

I step into Jotunheim and shiver as the icy wind cuts through my coat. The jagged peaks and frozen ravines stretch out before me, and I can't help but feel a sense of awe at the stark beauty of this frozen wasteland. Despite the unforgiving terrain, the giants who call this place home have forged some of the sturdiest armor and jewelry I've ever seen. Forged in the icy hell of Jotunheim, these pieces serve as a testament to the strength and perseverance of those who call this harsh land home.

Jotunheim is a tough and unforgiving environment, where the biting wind and frozen ground can wear even the strongest down. But the giants who live there have learned to thrive, forging some of the sturdiest pieces of armor and jewelry in all the nine realms. Our armlet embodies the very traits of Jotunheim, imbued with the power and durability of the giants who call it home.

Metal - Stainless Steel

Sizing Guide - Which bracelet length should you buy?

1. Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your wrist and mark the end point.

2. Lay it out and simply use a ruler to determine the length.

3. We recommend that you get a bracelet that is longer than your wrist measurement to give yourself some breathing room.

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