Fruit Of Idun - Gem Infused Sterling Silver Ring

$119.00 $249.00

Introducing the "Fruit Of Idun" Ring – a bewitching fusion of divine craftsmanship and mythical allure. Crafted from sterling silver, luxuriously gold-plated, this ring is more than jewelry; it's an embodiment of the captivating saga of Idun, the Norse goddess of rejuvenation and keeper of the sacred apples.

In homage to Idun's mythical orchard, the ring boasts an inlaid jewel treatment, featuring lab-created ruby, nano emerald, and rhodolite garnet gems. Each gem represents the essence of the sacred apples, promising not just adornment, but a touch of the goddess's rejuvenating magic.

Idun's allure was legendary, her apples granting eternal youth and vitality to the gods of Asgard. As you wear the "Fruit Of Idun," let the radiant gems symbolize the promise of renewal and the timeless elegance of the goddess herself.

By adorning yourself with the "Fruit Of Idun" Ring, you not only embrace a touch of ancient myth but also carry a symbol of eternal youth and vitality. It's not just a ring; it's a connection to a realm where gods and goddesses walked, and magic flowed like an everlasting stream. 

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