Garmr's Armlet - Stainless Steel Energy Bead Bracelet

$49.00 $89.00

Length: 21 cm

Garmr is a hell hound associated with the underworld and the forces of destruction. He is the keeper of Hel's gate and one of the guardians of Hel herself. Not much is known about the blood soaked dog of Helheim however he is said to feature in the battle for the cosmos; Ragnarok.

Although not directly related to Fenrir it is written the Garmr did take issue with Tyr for the trickery and deceit he cast on Fenrir regarding his binding - claiming that his chains were just a test of strength when in fact they were specifically made to hold Fenrir down for all time. 

During Ragnarok it is said that Garmr squares off against Tyr, resulting in Garmr taking the other hand of Tyr during the fight. This unfortunately comes at the ultimate cost for Garmr as Tyr managed to strike a mortal blow during the fight resulting in the death of Garmr.

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