Helvenom - Stainless Steel Serpent Necklace

Metal Color:

As I walk the desolate battlefield of Ragnarok, the air thick with the stench of death and decay, I come across the lifeless body of Thor. His once mighty form now reduced to a grotesque display of disfigurement, the poison of Jörmungandr has ravaged his body. The flesh on his arms and chest is blackened, charred and cracked, and the veins on his neck protrude, a testament to the immense pain he must have endured. The muscles in his arms, once bulging with strength, are now reduced to nothing but shriveled masses of flesh, and his face is contorted in a grimace of agony.

The venom of Jörmungandr is a potent and deadly force, capable of causing immense pain and disfigurement to its victims. Even the powerful Thor, god of thunder, was not immune to its effects. During the cataclysmic event of Ragnarok, Thor battled against Jörmungandr and was ultimately slain by its venomous bite.

But fear not, for with this necklace, you can harness the power of the mighty serpent for yourself. Each time you wear it, you will be imbued with the strength and destruction of Jörmungandr, allowing you to face any challenge with the ferocity and resilience of a true warrior. So embrace the power of the serpent and wear this necklace with pride, knowing that you possess the strength of a god.

Metal - Stainless Steel

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