Hodr's Reminder - Acacia and Tungsten Gold Ring

$99.00 $189.00

Though Hodr was tricked by Loki's treachery, wearing this ring is a reminder of the lesson learnt. The arrow forever points back at the wearer, a symbolic reminder to act with wisdom, avoid blind trust, and beware sweet words that conceal venom.

With its black finish and edgy arrow design, Hodr's Reminder makes a striking statement piece. The dark tungsten complements the golden acacia wood inlay with masculine contrast. Its substantial weight and smooth finish feel powerful on the finger.

Let this ring speak to the warrior within. Its commanding presence inspires courage, decisiveness and inner strength - the traits of a true hero. Wear Hodr's Mistake to conquer your challenges and achieve victory through wisdom.

For the man who embraces the struggle, learns from adversity and acts with honor, this arrow ring tells a timeless story. Wear it; don't become it.

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