Jormungand's Knot - Metal Alloy Serpent Pendant

$39.00 $69.00
Forged With (Color):

As you gaze upon the intricate design of your necklace, you are immediately drawn in by the powerful symbolism of the intertwined Jormungandr and Valknut. The serpent's sinuous body coils around the three interlocking triangles with a mesmerizing grace, creating a sense of both tension and harmony.

Together, the Jormungandr and Valknut form a potent symbol of strength, wisdom, and protection. The necklace imbues the wearer with the positive power representations of both, instilling a sense of confidence and courage in even the most daunting of situations. Whether you seek to embrace the chaos of life or to find meaning in the interconnectedness of all things, this necklace is the perfect embodiment of those aspirations.

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