Nanna's Bloom - Sterling Silver Amethyst Laid Rose Ring

$99.00 $199.00

Beneath a flowering tree, the goddess Nanna appeared, eyes twinkling like stars. I confessed my anguish and she comforted me, saying "Let this ring ease your pain."
She placed a silver band set with a shifting gem on my finger. The crushing sadness melted away, replaced by hope. "Gaze at the heavens when darkness falls," Nanna whispered before disappearing. Her gift remained, a radiant ring banishing shadows from my soul. I walked forward with renewed strength, ring aglow under sky and star.

Recall Nanna, the gentle Norse goddess of flowers and devotion, as you gaze upon this ring's delicate grace. Its 5.50 grams of 925 sterling silver has been expertly crafted into an ethereal band that stacks elegantly with other rings. Much like Nanna's unwavering love for Baldur, this ring's soothing hues and exquisite artisan details will uplift your spirit. Its inlaid amethyst crystals evoke the moonlit heavens, banishing darkness.

Wear Nanna's Bloom to carry the goddess' sublime presence with you always. Let it be a beacon in difficult times, inspiring hope and renewal like spring blossoms after a long winter. For those seeking more subtle power, Nanna's Bloom rings true with understated beauty. Slip it on when you need the quiet strength of devotion or are walking through shadows back into the light.

Size adjustable.

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