Thor's Binds - Stainless Steel Chain Style Necklace

$19.00 $29.00

Having terrible forebodings about their future concerning Loki’s children, the gods attempted to keep the monsters at bay. Jomungandr was thrown into the ocean, where he encircled Midgard, the world of humankind. Hel was relegated to the underworld. Fenrir however inspired too much fear to let him out of their sight, so it was decided they would raise him themselves in Asgard.

The rate that Fenrir grew was a cause for concern and it was decided that Fenrir’s stay in Asgard was only going to be short term, however he would not be allowed to roam free as it was apparent to the gods the sheer amount of destruction he would cause if left to his own free will.

In order to control the beast, Thor forged the chains Lædingr and Dromi to bind Fenrir however Fenrir proved too strong for the chains to hold and it wasn’t until the third chain, Gleipnir, was introduced, Fenrir was finally held captive….at least until Ragnarök 

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