Remains Of The Beast - Snake Bone Style Bracelet

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In the heart of the Norse realms, where gods clashed and legends were forged, there lay a tale untold – the saga of Jormungandr, the World Serpent, and its remnants whispered through the ages.

"Remains Of The Beast" - a relic steeped in the ancient lore of the serpent's might. Crafted from the rarest Xingyue Bodhi, each bead a testament to the serpent's indomitable spirit, it echoes with the thunderous roar of battle, the clash of titans, and the legacy of a creature born to challenge the very gods themselves.

As you adorn your wrist with the "Remains Of The Beast", you become part of an epic tale, a hero in the making, destined to walk the path of legends. With every twist and turn, you channel the relentless strength of the World Serpent, weaving your own destiny amidst the tumult of gods and giants.

Embrace the legacy, embrace the power, and unleash the fury of the serpent within. For in your hands lies the key to an epic saga – the saga of Jormungandr and the "Remains Of The Beast


Circumference - 20cm

Suitable for 17-18cm wrist 

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