Secrets Of The Urd - Stainless Steel Ring

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At the center of the Norse cosmos stands the great tree Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil grows out of the Well of Urd, whose depths hold many of the most powerful forces and beings in the cosmos. Among these beings are the Norns, three maidens who create the fates of all beings. One of the most powerful techniques they use to shape fate is carving runes into Yggdrasil’s trunk. After watching the Norns from his throne, Odin become somewhat jealous of their knowledge and embarked on a mission to know the runes.

Since the runes do not reveal themselves to any but those who prove themselves worthy of such fearful insights and abilities, Odin hung himself from a branch of Yggdrasil, pierced himself with his spear, and peered downward into the shadowy waters below. He forbade any of the other gods to grant him the slightest aid, not even a sip of water. And he stared downward, and stared downward, and called to the runes.

He survived in this state for no less than nine days and nights and at the end of the ninth night, he at last perceived shapes in the depths: the runes! They had accepted his sacrifice and shown themselves to him, revealing to him not only their forms, but also the secrets that lie within them.

The Secrets of the Urd represent the successful quest for unmatched knowledge and embody the wearer with an unbridled wisdom and foresight.


Size guide - How to determine your ring size:


Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your finger and mark the end point.

Simply use a ruler to determine the circumference.

Use the chart below to determine your size. 

US Size Circumference (inches)
Circumference (mm)
7 2.15" 54.5
8 2.25" 57.2
9 2.35" 59.7
10 2.45" 62.3
11 2.56" 65.0
12 2.66" 67.5
13 2.76" 70.2

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