Serpent Slayer - Japanese Damascus Steel Hunting Knife


Finally, with a surge of courage, I struck a decisive blow. The clash reverberated through the air, a symphony of triumph and desperation. Jormungandr thrashed and writhed, its mighty form wracked with pain. In that moment, I glimpsed the true nature of the beast—the embodiment of chaos and destruction. As Jormungandr's life force waned, its once menacing visage transformed into a bittersweet spectacle. In that final breath, the world seemed to exhale, and I stood there, a witness to the fall of a titan.

Unleash the power of the mighty Serpent Slayer hunting knife and conquer any challenge that crosses your path. Crafted from the legendary Japanese vg10 Damascus Steel, this blade is as formidable as the serpent itself. With a blade length of 9.8cm (3.8inch) and a width of 3.5cm (1.3inch), it boasts a remarkable 5mm thickness, ensuring unparalleled strength and precision. The water handle, hand-carved from African ebony, provides a comfortable grip for effortless control. Encased in a hand-painted Italian cowhide cover, this knife embodies the spirit of triumph over the untamed. Equipped with a screwdriver keyring pendant hole, it is a versatile tool for outdoor adventures. Whether you're on a hunting expedition or exploring the wilderness, the Serpent Slayer is your trusted companion, ready to overcome any earthly being that dares to challenge you


Product information:

Steel: Japanese vg10 Damascus Steel
Blade length: 9.8cm
Blade width: 3.5cm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Handle Material: Hand-carved African ebony
Knife cover: Italian cowhide hand painted

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