Skull Armour - Silver Paracord Bracelet


Skulls were a significant in Viking symbolism. The Vikings, who lived during the late eighth to early 11th century in Scandinavia, had a complex belief system that included elements of mythology, religion, and symbolism. Skulls, often in the form of skulls and crossbones or depictions of severed heads, were symbols associated with death, bravery, and the afterlife in Viking culture.

Skulls were sometimes depicted on runestones, artifacts, and other items as a representation of the transient nature of life and the idea of the afterlife. Additionally, the Vikings had a belief in an afterlife called Valhalla, where brave warriors who died in battle were believed to go. This belief in an honorable death in battle was a significant aspect of Viking culture, and depictions of skulls could be associated with this warrior ethos.

Material: Sterling Silver
Size: 16mm

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