Skull Of The Rememberer - Sterling Silver Skull Ring

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As I approached the Well of Wisdom, the air around me seemed to hum with a palpable sense of power and knowledge. I felt my heart race as I gazed upon the keeper of the well, Mimir the Wise, whose head lay beside the well, gazing up at me with eyes that seemed to hold the secrets of the universe. As Mimir spoke, his words carried with them a power and a weight that seemed to shake the very foundation of my being. It was as if the words were not merely heard, but felt, deep within my soul.

Mimir was an exceptionally wise being and a counselor of the gods as opposed to Hoenir whom was somewhat of a simpleton. The Vanir believed however that Hoenir was exceptionally smart as the advice he would give on any issue was second to none. What they failed to notice was Hoenir was only capable of giving such advice in the presence of Mimir. After numerous unhelpful responses from Hoenir, the Vanir believed they had been cheated by the Aesir on the deal and consequently cut the head off Mimir and sent it back to Asgard

Horrified at what had happened, Odin chanted magic poems over the head and embalmed it in herbs. Thus preserved, Mimir’s head continued to give indispensable advice to Odin in times of need.


Metal - 925 Sterling Silver

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