The Pledge - Fenrir - Sterling Silver Allegiance Bracelet

$159.00 $299.00

Arm bands or arm rings were very common, but very significant throughout the age of the Vikings. They were used in a number of different ways but one of the most well known uses was as a pledge of allegiance.

Viking warriors used arm bands to swear allegiance and loyalty to each other until death. Usually, during this oath, leaders would give their warriors arm rings as a symbol of their allegiance signifying loyalty to said leader. The exchange of arm rings created an unbreakable bond that both sides respected.

The oath with the gift of arm rings was most often practiced during the initiation of new warriors in order to ensure unwavering loyalty. Being that loyalty was one of, if not the most, respected trait a person could have/show, the presentation of the arm ring was extremely significant

Circumference size: 18cm

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